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ellaMentor Pro Template Suite

You've tried every template, but Elementor still feels like a puzzle you can't solve.

Between the built-in Elementor Kits, Astra Starter Templates and Envato Elements themes, you're knee-deep in confusion about what you should, and what you shouldn't, do when you build a website with Elementor.

Knowing that Elementor is a drag-and-drop builder, you expected that it would be easier to, ya know, DRAG AND DROP, the elements on the page. When you realized it’s not quite that simple you turned to templates and themes to fill the gap, but you spend more time customizing them than they save you as a starting point.

Plus, it’s hard to sift through what you need, and what you don’t, and you’re worried some of the tools you rely on are slowing down the websites you build 😱

Gone are the days of wrestling with tutorials and templates that don't deliver.

EllaMentor offers a unique starter site template, combining a variety of mix-and-match designs perfect for any service provider.

My “no code” approach ensures anyone familiar with Elementor can effortlessly implement these templates and strategies.

I’ve walked in your shoes and I know just how bad the templates out there can be. Rather than helpful, many of them are bloated and include unnecessary components that you don’t need on your site (but you’re a liiiitle scared to delete those things, just in case you need them later 🙈

Here's what you can expect from the template suite:


No need to import a whole template when you only want one piece. With a unique copy-and-paste system, you can bring over as many or as few templates as you want, and arrange them in any order you choose.

For DIY to Intermediate

Whether you're just starting out on your own website build, or you've been using Elementor but want to use it better, you'll be able to use this template suite to build your next website with ease.

Service-Based Business

My design studio focuses on working with service providers, so these templates, adapted from the starter site I use on every single build were built with service provider websites in mind.

Performance Minded

My entire philosophy, for these templates and my client websites, is to build websites efficiently, using as few additional tools, styles and widgets as possible to create high-performing Elementor websites.


These templates have been optimized across devices, so that you can have peace of mind knowing each section or page you use will look good no matter what size screen your visitors are using.


From lead magnet pages to blog posts and archive templates, you’ll save hours on each build with a codeless solution that leverages native Elementor Pro features.

Video Tutorial

Whether you prefer to build an entire site with these mix-and-match templates, or focus on specific sections, our step-by-step video guide makes the entire process seamless.

I understand you, because I am you.

Having built 50+ websites with Elementor Pro, I am intimately familiar with the challenges you face as an Elementor user.

I’ve worked with templates, themes and starter kits that don’t make my job any easier when I start building a website, and in many cases make it inexplicably more difficult to make any progress on starting a website build.

You just want a reliable place to grab well-designed templates WITHOUT all the bloat.

I’m Christina Marie Anderson, and I’ve built my web design and development studio, Wandersoul Co, into an Elementor powerhouse.

I’ve cracked the code on using Elementor Pro to efficiently build better WordPress websites, and I’m launching a template starter site unlike anything out there on the market.

Template Suite Coming March 2024

Coming March 2024 • Coming March 2024 • Coming March 2024 • Coming March 2024 •

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