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January 29, 2024

One-million-and-one-ways to build a WordPress site with Elementor

As I started my journey to putting out the best possible course I could that helps beginner and intermediate web developers build better Wordpress websites with Elementor, I spent a fair amount of time asking myself what made me stand out. What makes my method any different or any better than someone else’s. And why would someone trust me to help them learn how to build websites with WordPress.

Sometimes I was asking out of feeling like a total imposter, but other times I was trying to really hone in on why what I’m offering is unlike anything else on the market right now.

The truth is, there are an infinite number of ways to build a WordPress website with Elementor. That’s sort of the beauty of WordPress, right? You get to pick and choose your theme, your plugins and all of your settings, and come out with an end result that’s unique to you (or your client).

I would argue this is also the downfall of WordPress. There’s no limits in place that say “these are good themes and these are bad themes”, or “this plugin really doesn’t place nicely with Elementor long term” and unsuspecting users get caught in a tornado of ill-informed choices that result in BIG errors come the next Elementor or Elementor Pro update.

To be clear, I think the flexibility and robustness of WordPress isn’t just important, it’s necessary. That said, having such a low barrier to entry and such a vast amount of ways to build a website, many websites falls short of best practices simply because the maker didn’t know better.

Worse yet, there are developers out there who will charge $1000s of dollars for sites that are total crap, and there’s little recourse available for the client to recoup their losses in both time and money.

So what’s a girl to do?

Well, every time that I thought I didn’t have anything to add to the conversation, I reminded myself that I have built over 50 websites and continue to successfully manage 35 of them, without dealing with all the issues so many Elementor users face.

In short, my process just *works*.

You’ll never hear me say that my website-building process is the best or the only one out there. There are just too many variables and I’m 100% certain there are people out there building Elementor websites that are well-built and perform well, who aren’t using my method. And that’s totally fine.

What I do know is that if you follow my step-by-step site building guide you’ll not only learn how to successfully build a website with Elementor, you’ll also learn about website best practices and set yourself up for long-term success with a process you can follow on every website you ever build.

In living up to my brand value of paying it forward, I’m putting out a template suite and course geared toward helping Elementor users build better, more efficient WordPress websites that don’t break every time Elementor releases an update.

Want in?

I’m holding a masterclass on Friday, March 29th where you’ll get access to the lowest price I’m ever gonna release this course for. And this isn’t just any old masterclass that is a pitch disguised as education. There will be a pitch, but before that you’ll learn the exact tools and tricks I use on my client builds (and my own website!) to ensure that they’re not subject to all the issues so many people complain about with Elementor.

The topic: The 4 Biggest Issues with Elementor, and How to Overcome Them

To get access to all the masterclass details as I release them, be sure to join the waitlist at ellamentor.com


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