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ellaMentor Pro Education

Are you tired of endless, code-heavy tutorials that don't simplify Elementor?

You've watched all the Youtube tutorials and you're STILL not sure of the best way to set up a blog post template, or where to connect to an email marketing software 😱

Elementor Pro promised to be a drag-and-drop solution for all your WordPress needs, but between the confusion of all the settings, the bloat of the visual page builder, the fact that every tutorial seems to need some kind of code to work, and the constant bugs that plague your websites, you’re starting to think you might have chosen the wrong tool for the job…

What if I told you, it didn't have to be this way?

I’ve created a proprietary system of setting up and managing Elementor websites that just *works* and I’m ready to share my entire process — from purchasing a domain to launching a website, and successfully managing it after launch.

Here's what you can expect from the course:

Accessible Pricing

I'm dedicated to helping as many people as possible use Elementor Pro more efficiently, to build better WordPress websites, and I don't want the cost of the course to be a barrier to entry.

Build to Manage

You'll learn how to build websites with solid tech stacks that don't succumb to the challenges of Elementor updates, and you'll leave the course feeling confident in long-term Elementor website management.

For DIY to Intermediate

Whether you're just starting out on your own website build, or you've been using Elementor but want to use it better, you'll be able to follow along in this course that's broken down into digestible lessons perfect for any skill level.

No Shame

Elementor and Elementor Pro get a bad reputation, and a LOT of shade from dEvElOpErs who say it's an inferior tool. I'm here to help you learn how to use it in the best way possible, so the websites you build live up to your professional reputation.

Performance Minded

Elementor gets a bad reputation for being bloated, but your sites don't have to! Everything in this course was designed with performance in mind, so your sites pass Google Pagespeed insights with flying (green) colors!

Save time on Every Site

Using my unique method of setting up the foundations of your Elementor Pro websites from the very beginning, I estimate you'll save up to ten (yes, TEN) whole hours on every new website you build -- meaning you can get back to watching the next season of Emily in Paris tout suite!

Simple Solutions

Not even web designers should have to cut through tech jargon or navigate complicated processes. ellaMentor simplifies the web design process with a codeless solution that helps you build and manage professional WordPress websites with confidence.

Skills Advancement

ellaMentor is an all-in-one resource that takes the bigger picture of effective and performance-driven web design into account. From selecting themes to optimizing performance, core skills are naturally integrated into the learning experience.

Step-by-Step Process

ellaMentor Pro Education is set up to walk you step-by-step through the process of building a website. Once you've finished the course you'll have your own flexible and replicable system for starting every new website you build.

I understand you, because I am you.

Having built 50+ websites with Elementor Pro, I am intimately familiar with the challenges you face as an Elementor user.

I’ve scoured the Elementor tutorials on Youtube and, just like you, I know there are two main camps: the tutorials that say don’t use Elementor at all (and instead use *insert other tool you’d have to learn here*) and the tutorials that use Elementor as a base to build all sorts of coded solutions which is *not* what you’re looking for.

You just want to know how to use Elementor to the absolute best of its ability.

I’m Christina Marie Anderson, and I’ve built my web design and development studio, Wandersoul Co, into an Elementor powerhouse.

I’ve cracked the code on using Elementor Pro to build flawless websites, free from the usual frustrations. Now, I’m ready to share my secrets with you. No more keeping this goldmine to myself – it’s time to elevate your Elementor game!

Course Coming March 2024

Coming March 2024 • Coming March 2024 • Coming March 2024 • Coming March 2024 •

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