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ellaMentor by Wandersoul Co combines the power of Elementor Pro education with expertly designed templates, equipping you with the skills you need to create stunning, performance-driven WordPress websites.

Exclusive Access

You're a beginner to intermediate web designer or developer who is tired of all the problems that come with using Elementor.

I've developed a unique system for building and maintaining Elementor websites without all those pesky issues.​

And on March 29th, you can have access to it all.

Simplify your design journey, save time, and boost your web design skills with ellaMentor

Created with both beginner and intermediate web designers in mind, ellaMentor covers everything from hosting setup to launch — supporting a fuss-free path towards websites that don’t just look great, they perform brilliantly!

Coming March 2024 • Coming March 2024 • Coming March 2024 • Coming March 2024 •

ellaMentor Template Suite

This is *not* your traditional template shop. The ellaMentor template starter site was carefully crafted with performance and flexibility in mind.
Launching March 2024.

ellaMentor Pro Course

Your one-stop-shop for learning my step-by-step, replicable process for building strategic, responsive Elementor Pro websites that are built to last.
Launching March 2024

Coming March 2024 • Coming March 2024 • Coming March 2024 • Coming March 2024 •

Elementor Expertise Without the Ego

Tired of the eye-rolls from the 'code-only' web dev elite?

With almost 9 million websites built with Elementor and counting, this tool is not going anywhere and someone needs to join the conversation that can teach a foundational system for Elementor websites that just *works*.
And that’s me. Hi, I’m here 👋
I’ve built my agency on my ability to use Elementor Pro to build websites that don’t succumb to all the issues that so many Elementor users seem to have and I am not keeping that information to myself any longer.

If you've ever found yourself tangled in the web (pun intended) of WordPress and Elementor, feeling more like you're in a maze than on a creative journey, you're not alone.

At ellaMentor, I get it. You love the freedom of WordPress and the intuitiveness of Elementor, but the bugs and the updates? Not so much.

My Mission?

To make your web-building experience as seamless as your designs 🙌

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